«Sex change»

Using one of the most prolific industries, the world of toys, I decoded the symbolism of those toys meant for girls and for boys and switched the codes respectively. It was absurd how easy it was for me to select the toys for each gender: the images, and roles of each one felt ancient and aggressive. Sex Change is a series of 83 toys adapted by hand, displayed in a kiosk in the toy market on the streets of Mexico City – the same kiosk where they were originally bought.
The recording shows the reaction of customers;  the reactions were a clear manifestation of a very strongly implanted idea of what human’s gender roles should look like.

Color change = gender change? The color as the first layer of the gender identification. The role disclosure as the main focus.

It’s so obvious that it’s even vulgar. Playing with the radical and, we could say,  prehistoric ways of defying genre and roles in society, this piece flirts with the belief and implications of how small children with clean, malleable minds are being raised – how we all were raised. A critic on consumerist, predetermined and non-flexible ways of  bringing up the future generations of this planet; the lengths we will go to to dominate, control and assure the survival of the human species.


Power / control / strength


Beauty / Feeding / cleaning

This project is focused on the majority of Mexican population.