All I see is red

All I See is Red is a series of 7 canvases, with different shades of red. In each canvas there is a printed color name with no relation whatsoever to the tone of the actual canvas. Under the premise that rigidity is the craziness of the mind, the series of paintings represents the exact moment when the mind loses flexibility in the search for “sense”. The lack of personal acceptance and the harsh self-judgment when we “see things might be different from what we think”. There is an immediate reaction to the absurd idea of confirmed reality: what we know dictates our lives, eliminating all room for creation and/or imagination. The rigidness of the mind is the limitation of mental evolution, of growth.
Invite 32 people, unknown to each other, in order to listen to what the piece generated in them. The “sobremesa” (after dinner conversation) was the performance stating while drinking tequila, coffee and eating cake. I saw how «crazy» they all actually were.

We danced at the end.

Second series.