How I Hate Being Human, is a series of voice notes sent to the unknown—to the eternal hope that someone eventually will listen, or maybe even care. A friend of mine is my accomplice in this never-ending dialogue of our existence: she will throw a random question my way, and I will answer while walking at night. The empty streets of the city have become the stage of innumerable concerns about the idea itself, attraction, power, fear, limits, loneliness, etc.… The comfortable feeling of walking at complete ease becomes a subtle dance of the mind, while a perfect choreography of the mind eventually becomes a natural movement to the body.
An analysis of humans’ life structure and my personal frustration in relation to the control that plays against our own nature, making us destined to fail. The potential of the species is lost in absurd structures that limit the possibilities of this conscious animal, one that has decided to separate itself from life on this planet to create a new weaker species: one I do not understand.
This project will eventually be published as a podcast, in search of a reflection on these thoughts.

One of those nights, video recorded.