Museo Autoservicio, Mexico city.

The audio piece is an exploration of the abstraction of time, change and resilience. At a stage in human history in which uncertainty requires us to modify the way we perceive and live, it becomes imperative to rethink time and its value: to modify the speed with which we execute to enter a contemplative mode of waiting. The piece is designed to accompany the visitor in the experience –as a sonorous environment– without necessarily providing a soundtrack to the visual works of the different participating artists.  It simply transforms the auditory field. 

With these two premises, we created a musical piece composed of vibrations and frequencies, inspired by the subsoil. We seek to transport the listener to different spaces and make evident the stages of the emotional and rational processes of composition: the change, or going back to the roots… With the  future uncertain, understanding the process and giving way to human resilience  is crucial for evolution: it has been, is and will be our best survival strategy .