Days as a Human is a series of black and white videos recorded in the kitchen as a log in to a data server so that the information can reach its destination. Where? I’m not sure, but this is an anthropologic investigation of the human race by some other kind of external creature that does not know what it means to be human. This place is very odd mainly, contradictory and absurd. 
Each video is named with the exact day of the artist’s time on earth carrying out the investigation within a human body: DAY 12,441, 12,447. Throughout this series the artist explores the “given meaning” of certain concepts such as time, power, fear, the pack, space, cultural connotations, laws, age, sex, reality, , structures, control, needs, power, dreams, animalism, etc.
This is an ongoing performance; some are recorded videos uploaded to a live platform; others took place live.






«What it is»